Blackjack Weaknesses

Posted On 29 Oct 2012
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blackjack player holding chipsIf you can eliminate the weakness in your Blackjack game it stands to reason that your game will be that much stronger. Knowing the weakest part of your game and taking steps to improve it is just as important as learning basic strategy. However most people have a tough time analyzing themselves and would rather avoid the real truth. A lot of players mistake

their imagination for reality when it comes to gambling.

The first step is to find out how good your game really is. You can go to a website and play there blackjack strategy trainer for free. It allows you to pick the set of rules that you want to play, number of decks, then it will tell you if you are making the correct play and if not what the correct play is. Play 100 hands and see how many mistakes that you make. When you can play without any errors, you will be one step closer to a winning game.

The second step is to keep a log of when you play and your wins and losses. This will tell you exactly where you are profit/loss wise, not where you think you are. I personally keep a log of when I played, where I played, how long I played and how much I won or lost. I do this because I know what my long term expected outcome should be. If I am not getting the results I expect, then I look at my game and see if there is anything that I am failing to do.

Card Counting
Card counting is the way pro blackjack players gain an advantage over the casino to make money over the long run. The advantage over the casino is very small for card counters, around 1.5% so there is no room for mistakes. You must play perfectly in order to win in the long run. Each mistake costs you money and can be the difference between winning and losing.
If you are trying to master card counting, you need to be able to keep track of the cards perfectly. Any mistakes here can have you betting more money when you shouldn't, and playing the hands incorrectly. There are so many distractions in a casino environment that most people quickly lose track of the true count. Mastering card counting can be done but it will not happen over-night. Don't even try it at the casino until you have mastered it completely.

Money management
This is a part of blackjack where most players fail. You need to set win loss limits before you ever set foot in the casino. Stick to them even if you go on tilt. If you set a loss limit of $100, when you reach that point simply walk away. The same goes if you reach your win goal, don't fall into the gamblers belief that you are on a hot streak and lose everything that you just won. Discipline yourself to follow through with set limits. When you can do this your game will become that much stronger.

Psychological Factors
You can have total knowledge and command of your blackjack skills, but if you don't make the correct play at the right time they really don't do you any good. Players that I have trained that are excellent in the classroom fail to play correctly in the casino. This usually happens after losing two large bets in a row they fail to make the proper bet size. You have to always make the right play to have a long term advantage and there is no margin for error. Additionally if you like to drink when you play you are destined to fail. You have to ask yourself if you are serious about winning or not.

Blackjack Stamina

You can only play at a peak level in blackjack before you start to make mistakes. Know how long you can play and then discipline yourself to take a break. It doesn't mean you have to quit for the day but before you resume play make sure you are mentally ready. By assessing your play and being honest with yourself it will make your game that much stronger.

Hopefully this will get you on track to playing a winning game of blackjack.

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