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Posted On 01 Feb 2015
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311151id1a_JupiterAscending_FinalRated_27x40_1Sheet.inddJupiter Ascending (2 Bags)

Jupiter Jones works as a housekeeper in Chicago until aliens try to kill her. She is rescued by a handsome alien warrior with flying boots and discovers that she is intergalactic royalty. She is the heir to the Earth that three powerful siblings are fighting over. Soon Jupiter is kidnapped by each of the siblings and is then rescued by the same warrior. Of course, she falls for her pointy eared guardian. The special effects are spectacular but the story is repetitive as the kidnap rescue cycle repeats itself at least three times. While not terrible “Jupiter Ascending” is not worth the price of admission.


Seventh Son (2 Bags)

Master Gregory takes on a new apprentice just as the evil he is charged with fighting makes a comeback in the form of a powerful witch. Gregory had locked the witch up decades ago thinking it was forever but she has finally escaped. She is now gathering her followers for an assault on the world that will bring destruction to everything. Gregory and his apprentice must find a way to defeat them before it’s too late. “Seventh Son” is a cliché riddled retread of every “B” movie sword and sorcery film you have ever seen. The action and effects are good but I was hoping for more



David’s Video Details – Feb 2015


Big Hero 6 (3 Bags)

Hiro is a young genius who would rather use his skills to win robot battles for money than go to school like his older brother. That is until his brother takes him to his lab on campus and shows him what everyone is working on. Determined to get in to the University at his young age he enters and wins a competition but his invention is lost in an explosion and fire. He is left with only his brother’s medi-bot called Baymax that he converts into a fighter to combat a villain who somehow stole his invention and is it using for evil. He teams up with his brother’s friends to form a group of super – heroes but everything doesn’t go as planned. Like most Disney animated films there is tragedy and loss for the hero, but it seems to be overdone this time.


The Drop (4 Bags)

Bob works as a bartender in this cousin Marv’s bar but there may be more to him than you think. He rescues a dog at the beginning of the film and then has to fend off the abusive owner all the while worried about what is happening at the bar after a robbery and falling for a girl with complications. A foreign mob owns the bar, is not happy about the loss of the money and wants to make sure the bar is safe to continue to use as a ‘money drop’ for their other activities. Was the robbery just a test for a much bigger score? In his final film James Gandolfini is as good as ever but Tom Hardy is what makes “The Drop” an above average crime drama film.


Snack Bar_Feb15-St Vincent DVD ArtSt. Vincent (4 Bags)

Maggie and her son, Oliver, move into a new home only to find their next door neighbor is a cranky old man named Vincent who hates everyone. One day Oliver loses the key to his house and has to ask Vincent to use this phone. Soon Vincent is taking care of Oliver after school and teaching him life lessons. Unbeknownst to Maggie he does this at the race track, local bar and with the help of a hooker. Oliver has to do a school report on a real life saint so he digs into Vincent’s life. The ending will have tears welling up for even the most hard hearted. Bill Murray is perfect as Vincent and the rest of the cast is very good. “St. Vincent” is a little gem of a movie.

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