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Warm Bodies

After a zombie epidemic sweeps the planet there is only a small hand full of humans living inside an area protected by a huge wall. Their leader sends out a scouting party that includes his daughter, Julie, to get much needed medical supplies from the pharmacies in the nearest city. At the local airport a young male zombie who can only remember that his name started with an R wanders aimlessly among many others of his kind. He is hungry and decides to lead a group to the city looking for food. The two groups encounter each other leading to a deadly battle. In the middle of eating R sees Julie and something is rekindled in him and he protects her from the others. This leads to a most unusual romance between a human and a zombie. As R and his friends become more human Julie has to convince her father there are good zombies. They are all in danger from the killer “bonies” deadly skeletal creatures. Warm Bodies is perfect blend of action, romance and comedy making it a delightful film.



Beautiful Creatures

Ethan enters his senior year in high school longing to get out of his small Southern town. Then he meets the new girl in town, Lena, who lives with her Uncle Macon at the mysterious Ravenwood estate. Trouble seems to follow Lena as something strange always happens when she comes to a new school. The girls shun and make fun of her and after an incident at school the parents want her expelled. Everyone but Ethan believes the rumors that Lena and her family are witches. (They prefer the term 'casters' saying calling one of them a “witch” is like calling an athlete a “jock.”) It's not long before Ethan discovers Lena's secret, not only is she a caster, on her upcoming 16th birthday she could become a dark caster because of a family curse. He mother and cousin come to town to claim her for the dark but with the help of Uncle Macon, she fights to stay with the light. Ethan has to help her break the curse but the cost may be too high. This is not "Twilight" with witches. "Beautiful Creatures" is a surprising good film with a very good cast and a well written script.



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As the American Embassy in Tehran was being overrun six Americans managed to get out through a back door and find refuge at the home of the Canadian Ambassador. While the world watched the hostage crisis in the embassy play out those six hid in fear. After a few months the United States government decides they had to get them out because the revolutionaries will soon be onto them. They turn to a CIA extraction expert who comes up with a bizarre plot to get them out. Based on a true story taken from declassified documents "Argo" is a tense hold your breath thriller that not only could happen – it did. The cast is brilliant, the script is crisp and the direction is masterful. "Argo" is a must see.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie starts his freshman year at high school as an introverted, lonely outsider struggling with the suicide of his best friend and his own mental issues but two seniors, Sam and her step-brother Patrick, take him under their wing. They are unique but popular and introduce him to life and the real world. This is more than a coming-of-age story, Stephen Chbosky adapted and directed his novel into a funny and touching film. The cast is brilliant. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is one of the best films of the year.
















Bond is back and this time he has to protect his boss, M. James has to find out who stole a hard drive with a list of British deep cover agents before their names and locations are released. It turns out that the villain, Silva, is from M's past and he wants her dead. Meanwhile, M is being blamed for the loss of the disk and may be forced to retire. Bond goes after Silva and just when he thinks he has him, he doesn't. It is too long with more plot holes than usual, too many action movie cliches and an ending that just doesn't work. "Skyfall" is a throwback to the old Bond, which is too bad because I much prefer the new Bond of "Casino Royale."

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