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Posted On 25 Apr 2013
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Craig Krause, who shares his time between Colorado and Arizona, doesn’t usually purchase Lottery tickets. However, on Friday, March 21, he was in his local store and purchased five Powerball tickets for Saturday’s drawing.


Early Monday morning, Craig checked his ticket and was excited that on the top line he had three numbers. He knew that there had been one $1,000,000 Powerball winner in Arizona for March 22, and that it wasn’t him.


Then he continued checking and, to his amazement, discovered two additional matching numbers. At that point, he yelled to his friend in the next room to come look at his ticket, because he had five matching numbers.


His friend didn’t really believe him, but came into the room to look. When he also saw five matching numbers, they decided they’d better go to the store and see what the ticket was worth. They did not take the ticket into the store, but instead got a brochure from the counter and found out that five matching numbers were worth $1,000,000.


At that point, they were so excited that they barely made it out of the store and into the truck. Craig never did check the other four lines on the ticket. They were going to go right down to the Lottery, but Craig wanted to go back to his house to get their other friend so both of them would be with him when he received his check.


Craig, who works in the construction field, has been coming out to Arizona for the last three years. In his spare time, he rides his bicycle, swims, and is learning to golf. While in Arizona, he also enjoys attending baseball spring training.


He really hasn’t had time to make any plans for his $1,000,000, but he said, “I’ll probably pay off some bills and share with my family. He also plans to play the Lottery more often now.


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