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Reel Reviews

By Kevin Cummings



SLOT Machine_Roll the Bones - Feb 2014


Come on over, high roller, and give the dice a shake with Mr. Lucky…a dice-rolling Voodoo skeleton.

Roll the Bones is one of the latest games from Bally Technologies to hit the Arizona casino floor. The game revolves around a craps mechanic which features a pair of dice that dictate your fate. Just like in the casino dice game, players learn that rolling a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 the hard way creates exciting big wins. For readers who aren’t familiar with the game of craps, a “hard way” is also known as “doubles” or shooting “pairs.”

During base game play, select symbols have a rolling die in the bottom right corner. At the completion of any spin which has two or more dice, the dice are transferred above the reels and then spun. If the player rolls doubles on any of the dice the coordinating reel (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) will be turned into a wild reel. For example, if Snake Eyes is rolled (double ones) reel one is turned wild. If two two’s are rolled, reel two is turned wild…and so on and so forth. Also, Mr. Lucky can make that wild reel 2x or 3x wild.


If the player is lucky enough to roll double sixes, the U-Roll bonus is awarded…which gives players three chances to win the three top box progressives or credit prizes up to 10x bet each roll. In the U-Roll Bonus, players become the shooter and touch the screen to shake and roll the dice 3 times.  Rolling a double six will award the player with a progressive if max betting or a high credit prize if not max betting.  Other dice combinations award credit values ranging from 2x to 10x total bet. While winning all three progressives is possible, the probability is very low.

The free spin bonus is triggered with bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. The player is awarded 2x bet and 5 guaranteed spins with stacked wilds. After the 5 spins, Mr. Lucky will roll his dice. As long as a seven is not rolled the free games will continue. If he rolls a double, the multiplier will raise 1x (with a maximum possible multiplier of 5x). After each spin he rolls the dice. While the bonus has the potential for an unlimited amount of spins, the typical amount of additional spins I received during play was five…usually gaining a 3x multiplier.

The look of the game is quite different from most of Bally’s games, but I really like the graphic style and cute skeleton animations. One wouldn’t immediately think of a skeleton as cute and quirky, but just wait until you shoot the dice with Mr. Lucky himself! The game is available at Fort McDowell casino – more locations are coming soon!

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