Third Time a Charm!

Posted On 25 Apr 2013
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Renee Garcia of Mesa stopped to get gas for her car. While she was at the station, she redeemed a Scratchers ticket for $10 and decided to get some more tickets. She wanted two $5 crosswords, but the store was out of them, so she asked for the $3 crossword, but they had just sold out of that one, too. Instead, she purchased one $10 Ultimate Crossword and ended up winning $100,000 on her third choice!


After realizing that she might have a winning ticket, Renee took it to her local store to have it scanned. Although the clerk gave her the claim form, she and her husband were still afraid to believe it was real.


Renee only plays the crossword Scratchers “They take longer to play” she said “Also, I can play it for a while, put it down and go back to it.” She and her husband plan to buy a new car with the winnings and talk to a financial advisor about investing the rest.


The winning ticket was purchased at the Shell Station at Power & Guadalupe in Mesa.

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