Winners: Retired General Has a Million More Reasons to Celebrate

General Marsh spends his winters in Arizona and sometimes stays even longer. Since he plays Powerballon a regular basis, he’s sure to purchase his tickets when he’s here. As is his usual practice, early Saturday morning, he goes to the store to buy his tickets. He never has a set amount that he spends; it just depends on his mood. 

On March 16, he only wanted two tickets for that night’s drawing, so he grabbed a selection slip and randomly chose six numbers for each of the tickets he intended to buy. He then put the tickets away and didn’t check them until Sunday when he had time to read the paper.


His wife was sitting near him, and when he told her that he’d won $1,000,000, she said, “I don’t believe it.” He countered with “Believe it.” This went on for a while until it finally registered that he wasn’t kidding. 


That evening, they went to a small dinner party, and while there, he told several of his good friends. They believed him when he told them, but wanted him to be sure he’d read the numbers correctly. They didn’t want him to be disappointed. As a matter of fact, two of his long-time friends accompanied him to the Lottery when he redeemed his ticket. He promised to take them out to lunch.


While living in Phoenix, General, who is retired, spends a lot of his time on the golf course. Even if he’s not golfing, he enjoys the weather and the respite from the snow. With regard to his winnings, he intends to pay off all his bills and invest the rest – The winning ticket was purchased at Circle K, 1605 E. Bell Road in Phoenix.









Patience Pays Off BIG!


Robert McDonald of Golden Valley had the golden touch when he purchased his $500,000 winning Arizona Black Exclusive Scratchers ticket. He’d won $500 on a different Scratchers, but the store couldn’t cash it. He then went to another store to see if they could cash it, but the customer service counter wasn’t open, so he decided to wait. To keep himself occupied while he waited, he purchased one Arizona Black Exclusive from the Lottery vending machine.


Robert scratched the ticket while he was in the store, and as soon as the customer service counter opened and the people waiting in line had left, he quietly took the ticket over to the clerk to be validated. Somehow, he managed to drive home, although he was in a mild state of shock.


Once he got home, he called his son to tell him the news. His family was thrilled for him and drove him to the Lottery office to redeem the ticket. Robert, who is retired from the construction field, loves playing Scratchers because it’s a form of relaxation. He has no particular favorite, just buys whatever appeals to him at the time. He frequents stores in Kingman as well as Golden Valley. 


Robert is considering purchasing a new home with some of his winnings and investing the rest. The winning ticket was purchased at Smith’s Food and Drug, 3490 N. Stockton Hill Road in Kingman, AZ.

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